My Kids, Your Kids and Our Kids – Planning for a Blended (Step) Family

A blended family or step family is often comprised of children who are natural to only one parent, as well as children that are natural to both parents.  Planning for blended families focuses on several issues including disinheriting ex-spouses, protecting children from previous marriages, providing for the new spouses, providing for the children of the new marriage.

Imagine Your Ex-Spouse Managing Your Estate

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Without proper legal planning, your ex-spouse, as surviving parent/Guardian, would likely be appointed by the Probate Court to manage the inheritance you leave to your children.  That’s right, your ex-spouse… managing your money.  To make matters worse; what if your children later predeceased your ex-spouse, and were single and childless at that time?  Who would inherit your assets then? That is right… your ex-spouse, as the next-of-kin of your children, would inherit your assets.   

Proper Planning Protects Everyone

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In the absence of a Prenuptial Agreement to maintain separate assets, most spouses in blended families tend to blend (combine) their wealth.   However, if you predecease your new spouse, then you may forever disinherit your own children of your share of such blended wealth!  Thereafter, upon the death of your new spouse, your assets may be inherited by your stepchildren, or even by your new spouse’s next spouse and their children.  A Will with Trust provisions or a Revocable Living Trust can prevent this problem.

Proper planning can control where your assets go, and how they are used when they get there.  This is especially important when planning for blended families and their unique needs.  Although blended families face unique issues, these obstacles can be overcome through proper planning. 

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